La Oquedad De Los Brocca By Jose Antonio Covo Meisel

Hay un abismo dentro de todos, hay un abismo dentro de todo. Hay un sismo en el abismo, hay un sismo en sí mismo. Hay un sí mismo que es un sismo, hay un sismo espejismo.

John Brocca is constantly mistaken: his unconscious lashes out against the order that provokes the illusion of being a person. He desperately wants to fall in love and fall in love with a colleague. He desperately wants to beat a competitive coworker. Nothing ever seems to turn out right: he is his own worst enemy. Everyone seems to have their lives figured out except him. But perhaps there is a possibility of overcoming, of transforming, facing himself and killing himself without personally hurting himself. The road seems to be populated by exaggerated inclemencies, but promises the liberation of the human condition.

Printed on paper resembling recycled sand specs text materials, La Oquedad is an exemplary  Colombian-contemporary, post-modern absurdist fiction and bildungsroman for today’s desperate Latinx. Shifting graciously between font styles and sizes, deliberately crossing out entire phrases and sections of dialogue, Covo introduces us to a character as unstable and indecisive as he is.

8 x 5 inches / Caín Press / Bogotá, Colombia / 2016


El autor, nacido en Cartagena, se interesa especialmente por el psicoanálisis, la ciencia cción y las drogas. La oquedad de los Brocca tiene que ver con el odio a sí mismo y las trampas que nos ponemos para interferir con lo que (pensamos que) queremos. El amor, la violencia autodirigida y las realidades alteradas juegan de manera fundamental en esta historia.”

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