Minimum Rage: A Series of Bad Events Overflowing with Fuck-Ups, Know it alls, and Pansies: The Story of that Guy Who's Name You Can't Remember by Keenan Marshall Keller

Drippy Bone Books are devoted to the strange, peculiar, and odd zine publications. Drippy Bone Books is a self-described “3-headed hydra” of a publishing project, operated collaboratively by Kristy Foom (Amsterdam), Mario Zoots (Denver) and Keenan M. Keller (Los Angeles). Artists are encouraged to use this policy for the weirdest chaos they can think of.

This zine is a collection of images and text, a visual exploration of an irate portal. A staunch dystopia testament to reflection on life in a dysfunctional society.

Drippy Bones Books, 2011

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