The ʺBad Citizenʺ Graffiti Stencil by Don Delillo

This multiple by the writer Don Delillo was created to benefit California Independent Bookstore Day. The stencil is a quote from his pivotal book White Noise. Delilo elaborates on this concept --“We ought to be bad citizens. We ought to, in the sense that we’re writing against what power represents, and what the corporation dictates, and what the consumer consciousness has come to mean. In that sense, we’re bad citizens, we’re doing our jobs.” The wooden stencil is suitable to hang as art or use as a graffiti stencil. Beautifully packaged in a cellophane envelope. [Specs: 12 x 16 on ⅛” thick craft wood with detailed lazer cuts]

California Bookstore Publishing, San Francisco, 2014

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