The Guerrilla Girl’s Updated Art Museum Activity Book by Guerrilla Girls

This comic style artist’s book is by the Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous group of women who raise awareness about the misogynistic and questionable practices that operate in the art world. Using the names of dead women artists as pseudonyms, this group of rebellious feminists often appear in public wearing gorilla masks. The Guerrilla Girls' Art Museum Activity Book is a parody of the museum activity guides that are provided to children and asks such thought provoking questions such as “Why do museums raise hundreds of millions for new buildings, and then complain that they don't have enough money to buy art?”, “Why do they blow a fortune on a single painting by a white male genius when they could acquire hundreds of great works by women and people of color instead?”, and “Why do museum store execs get paid more than curators?”

Edition of 2560

Printed Matter, New York, 2014

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