Can You Feel It? (Effectuating Tactility and Print in the Contemporary) by Various Artists

We touch the world, we sense its objects, but these sensations disappear all too quickly, leaving us with fleeting impressions. Our sense of touch is characteristic and yet we know very little about it. What does it mean to touch the modern world when technocracy exploits the environment we feel? In a series of groundbreaking essays, Freek Lomme and other artist-authors explore tactility as both a physical sensation and mental experience, as something we can become conscious of and learn to better define it as we discover its inherent richness. Contributors include art writer Lars Bang, art thinker/independent art maker Johanna Drucker and alchemist/visual deliverer Matthieu Blanchard.

4 x 6 inches / 191 pages / Onomatopee / Netherlands / 2016

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