Coffeeshop Crushes: Tales of Love and lust in Coffee Establishments by Nicole J. Georges & Jon Van Oast

If you've ever crushed out on your local barista, Coffeeshop Crushes: Tales of Love and Lust in Coffee Establishments is your new best friend! Editors Nicole J. Georges (Invincible Summer) and Jon Van Oast take you into the sexy, confusing, hilarious realm of server/customer romance (both requited and, sadly, otherwise.) With contributions from folks like Too Much Coffee Man's Shannon Wheeler, Brainfag comix dude Nate Beaty, and Constant Rider'sKate Lopresti, Coffeeshop Crushes is one big ball of sexual frustration and nerve-shattering caffeine! As raunchy and graphic as it is sweet and coy, Coffeeshop Crushes is 32 pages of sex, lies, and über-embarrassing shoot-downs. Now in its fourth printing, this comix/essay zine will keep you laughing and cringing until you're too caffeine-buzzed to think!

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