DETRÁS DE LA PLACA by Andrés Acosta Romero

Dinero, sangre, patrullas, indigentes, putas, balas, borrachos, uniformes, noches, sexo, escándalos, guerrilla, pandillas, bazuco, ñeros, travestis, bolillo, muerte, soborno, héroes, ladrones...

Andrés Acosta was a member of the Colombian National Police for more than a decade. During his stay in the institution he always, deep down, knew that sooner or later he would withdraw from the ranks without obtaining the pension. He wrote this book for two reasons, the first one, to be able to represent, even in a small part, the daily lives of policemen and their role in society, and second, to demonstrate that, in a country where there are no good cops, there can never be good citizens.

8.5 x 5 inches / Caín Press / Bogotá, Colombia / 2017

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