Electrocat & Lighting Dog by Be Er Miao

A risograph-printed comic by Bu Er Miao, Electrocat and Lightning Dogchronicles Mr. Meow and Mr. Woof, coworkers who sell dream element-infused strawberries to the villagers of their fantastical world. During an encounter with Captain Strawberry the strawberry god, Mr. Meow receives the prophecy that he will soon find his future girlfriend at the next party he attends. Bu Er Miao’s illustrations are bold, expressive, and they take the reader playfully through all of the events that unfold for Mr. Meow and Mr. Woof. Printed in pink and blue, the comics pop off the page in an energetic practice in childlike imagination.

Electrocat and Lightning Dog is published by Paradise Systems, which operates out of the U.S. and China. This book was translated from Chinese to English by R. Orion Martin.

Paradise Systems, NYC

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