Puertas Adentro / Behind Closed Doors

Tim Enthoven (The Hague, 1985) is a visual artist and licensed in communication design. His work includes drawing, installations, books, performance and video.

Behind Closed Doors is a hallway, paradoxically dark and transparent, towards Tim's mind; a solitary artist and with the aesthetic, psychological and moral conflicts of any other artist of the 21st century. The story takes place almost all inside Tim's room and the restaurant where he goes to dine the same every night, but being represented with the coldness of the infographics, the architectural spaces -cubicles with- out curtains-, function as an allegory to the naked psyche of the protagonist. Tim is an individual who has lost his identity, the world an undressed info- graphic and, the reader, a voyeurist who minutely contemplates the process of Tim's alienation. 

Cain Press, Columbia, 2018

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