Vine, vi y me vendí by Maria Leubro

This is a book without introduction, knot and denouement. It could be said that the whole book is a knot, or several knots, in the throat, in the stomach, knots that break, knots that choke and even knots of lies.

It is a story told through Facebook publications, about running way, about getting yourself into a suitcase and getting away for a while; on the possibility and impossibility of building relationships of solidarity and contingency. This is a miscellaneous book about exterminator angels, artistic dental offices in the midst of a precarious health system, talking hot dogs and urinals that do not know Duchamp, but who speak properly of the rate of exchange in regards to the salary of illegal immigrants.

Finally, it is a journey through the rugged and weird places one thinks of loneliness. 

6.5 x 2.5 inches / Caín Press / Bogotá, Colombia / 2016

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