So far from the water and thirsty by Alicia Nauta and Brooke Manning

So Far From the Water and Thirsty is a collaboration between artist and printmaker Alicia Nauta and poet Brooke Manning. Poems that touch on the quiet intimacies of being in a body in nature are paired with images which collage natural environments and plants with interior spaces. On the inside covers, the words “speak to the vastness of you such that you are I” are printed repeatedly. The pushing and reorganizing of language in order to bridge the gap between the vastness of space and nature and the immediacy and closeness of individuality is a theme carried throughout the book.

Brooke Manning is a Canadian writer and poet. Alicia Nauta is a Canadian printmaker, artist, and curator, who also runs Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe, a print studio in Ontario, Canada. Published in 2018 in an edition of 200, this artist book is risograph printed by Colour Code in Ontario, Canada.

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