During The Day but Mostly at Night by Katelyn Kopenhaver

“Striking directly at the heart of darkness within our governmental power structure, and the elite class and high society that surrounds it, Katelyn has created what can only be described as a personal handheld gallery. It is a tour de force of image and textual experience bearing all the hallmarks of her gritty style. It will punch you in the face and in the gut, pull on some heartstrings, and also make you feel sort of like a detective investigating a deep web of lies and corruption - because that's exactly what it took for Katelyn to compile this collection, drawing on so much more than her own personal feelings and experience. I know, because I watched her do it!”

-Daniel de la Fé, Founder of Phoenix Pyre Publishing

DURING THE DAY BUT MOSTLY AT NIGHT, Katelyn Kopenhaver, Description from the artist: Thirty enigmatic pages commentating on the consumption, perceptions, information, predators, violence in the world and my own personal experience of things happening around me. How do I contend with the post-truth climate we reside in? Through language, photographs, and journal entries, I invite the viewer to enter my mind, as I reflect/introspect on this question and unveil these concepts. It is political as much as personal. I return to the scene of a crime, literally with my body, to bring back a glimpse for the viewer through image and language in order to help us make sense of evil, to shine a lighton darkness, to encourage others to seek the truth. I have painstakingly collected a series of headlines from various sources over the past two years up until present day that depict scenes of a crime that have since been forgotten. These include events, names, quotes from victims, times, and dates. I connect these headlines to money and power—an adhesive for predators.

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