LISTEN TO THIS BUILDING was published by EXILE to commemorate the 2015 Miami Center for Architecture & Design installation of the same name. Together MCAD and EXILE produced a multi-sensory, experiential exhibition that sought to bridge downtown Miami architecture, independent publishing, and accessibility. In doing so, it brought together tactility, sound, and thematic programming to explore alternative modes of experiencing one's city and better understanding how those without sight navigate their surroundings and advocate for universal design.

This spiral bound 11" x 11.5" book boasts tactile illustrations of ten historical, architecturally significant downtown Miami buildings, corresponding braille descriptions with english transcriptions, as well as a CD with LISTEN TO THIS BUILDING's full-length audio component and a raised map highlighting each featured site.

Buildings included are: The Old US Post Office & Courthouse, Security Building, Gesu Church, Alfred I. Dupont Building, Olympia Theater at Gusman Center, Seybold Building, Walgreens Building, Shoreland Arcade, Foremost Building, and the Freedom Tower.

EXILE Editions, Miami, 2015

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