Behind Shut Eyes: QTBIPOC Dream Anthology by Coyote Park, Rin Kim, Mac Do

Edited by Coyote Park. Designed by Rin Kim. Illustrated by Mac Do.

Behind Shut Eyes QTBIPOC Dream Anthology is a queer & trans black, indigenous, community of color dream anthology made up of poems, short stories, reflection pieces, & journal entries.

This anthology consists of 32 writers/poets and 1 communal poem entitled “A Closing Prayer”. 33 written works total.

Editor’s note from Coyote Park: “I am honored to hold these collective experiences that have cultural & personal significance. We as trans, nonbinary, 2spirit, and queer black, brown, indigenous, people of color have always been a bridge between worlds. To those of us that have had our worlds denied of us, treated as insignificant, or misconstrued: your dream of future, past, and present is alive and beautiful.i love you. Nooluemek’ 사랑해요 i will echo that love in every language my ancestors once spoke, & hope it translates into every language of yours.”

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