Cybermohalla Hub by Cybermohalla Ensemble and Nikolaus Hirsch/Michel Müller et al

1. A place that takes so much space in thought, that everyone starts seeing it.

1.1 The contemplation of which will make even the vastness of the ocean seem little.

The Delhi-based Cybermohalla Ensemble is a collective of ten writers and practitioners that emerged out of many years of Cybermohalla, a dispersed network of labs and studios for experimentation and exploration across Delhi. The Cybermohalla project manifests the meaning of the Hindi word mohalla (neighborhood) in its sense of constructing one’s “place” in a city. This experiment engages in the rethinking of urban life, reimagining the infrastructure of cultural and intellectual life in contemporary cities.

6.8 x 10 inches / Sternberg Press / Berlin, 2012

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