Light Journal by Francesca Capone

Light Journal is a conceptual writing project, where daily perceptions of light have been recorded as notes on a smart phone (a source of light unto itself). Similar to the process of weaving on a loom, the book starts at a point in time, and then builds upwards towards the present. The text reads backwards from most present to past, measuring the stormy transition from October 2019 into April 2020. It forms a long and colorful tapestry of text in time, and a soft coping meditation and response to the difficult climate we are living through.

Built into the text are symbolic drawings from petroglyphs rendering light forms, which are scattered all over the Pacific Northwest, where journaling light has some of its most historic roots - measures of time carved into stone by early humans. Accompanying the book are a series of concrete poems: sunflower seeds, a piece of turmeric dyed canvas, a glow in the dark star, and a postcard print of a neon weaving.

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