Making Good Time: True Stories of How We Do, and Don’t, Get Around in South Florida edited by Lynn Barrett

31 true transit stories by 32 award-winning South Florida writers

“If you’ve ever tried to get from one place to another in South Florida, you will love this book.”

- T.D. Allman, author of Miami: City of the Future

“Hold on to your roof mattresses: Making Good Time is a loving, alarming, definitive collection of only-in-Miami road tales. Some of South Florida’s most treasured writers tackle one of its true miseries—and now I’m nostalgic for I-95 traffic.”

- Kenny Malone, Co-host of NPR’s Planet Money

“Making Good Time” takes us inside a car broken down on the side of an off-ramp, a divorce occurring in real time on a county bus, and a house being robbed by boat. A collection of wonderful true stories, the book imaginatively illustrates how our cities, infrastructures, and the way we get around shape our destinies and our lives.”

- Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class

Diana Abu-Jaber, Chantel Acevedo, Preston L. Allen, Jan Becker, Madeleine Blais, Richard Blanco, Terence Cantarella, Antolin Garcia Carbonell, Joe Clifford, Jennine Capó Crucet, Anjanette Delgado, Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade, Patricia Engel, M.J. Fièvre, Steven Harris, Fabienne Josaphat, Larry Lebowitz, Louis K. Lowy, Sammy Mack, Jennifer Maritza McCauley, Blanca Mesa, Nick Moran, Marina Pruna Moré, Lauren Doyle Owens, Alex Segura, Les Standiford, Thomas Swick, Monica Uszerowicz, Nick Vagnoni, Ana Veciana-Suarez, and Norma Watkins.

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