Spiny Orb Weaver by Miss Jaws & Tana Oshima

"Spiny Orb Weaver is a comic arts journal, edited by Neil Brideau, that investigates the cartooning scene in South Florida! In each issue, a local cartoonist is commissioned to draw a new 12-page comic. Following the comic, Neil interviews the cartoonist. Back-pages are devoted to comics and essays by people who have lived in South Florida, but now live elsewhere.

In this inaugural issue, Miss Jaws tells the story of Max the dog, who is trying to coax his owner, DJ to be more outgoing with their neighbors. As the pair walk through their neighborhood, we investigate issues surrounding social anxiety, isolation, and connecting with our community.

Tana Oshima caps the issue off with a meditation on paradise and what it meant to her when she lived in Miami."

(Description via Radiator Comics)

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