The War Continues by Homocats

Combining concepts of resistance with irresistible imagery, HOMOCATS creator J. Morrison harnesses the often escapist imagery of the digital generation and the language of social change to challenge and unite. HOMOCATS reject the line separating the creative and the political as a false construct of the patriarchy, and give themselves permission to dream anything out loud. Vibrant laser beams shoot out of the eyes of these full-color, furious felines, literally interlinking their points of view into visionary networks, and the odd beam that shoots off the page seems an invitation to the reader to join in as well. Through collage and lo-fi painterly tampering, this kitten coalition re-introduces the handmade into the readymade, standardized tumblr-instagram aesthetics. The staple-bound, inkjet-printed HOMOCATS: The War Continues takes on healthcare, STIs and STDs, and gun violence, conceiving the further organization of the adorable and the angry, challenging assumptions based on appearance, and building communities of support and understanding.


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