Sunday, May 22, 12-3 pm

“ZINES, QUEENS AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN” with Emanuel Ribas and J.V. Portela

Miami is a city in between and its queer world is no exception. Caught between the vibrant beach subcultures of a bygone golden age and the murky cocktail of a future that threatens to swallow us, it seems we’re rather stuck, our past forgotten on the sand, our present vodka-soaked and trapped in bars, our future underwater. Zines, Queens and Everything in Between is a generative workshop that seeks to break this present stagnancy through critical discussion and creative experimentation. We’ll use recordings from the Reading Queer Oral History Project and materials sourced from the HistoryMiami archives to plumb the depths of South Florida’s queer pasts for new ways to cruise ahead, and use free writing and experimental zine forms to record our bold new visions for Miami’s queerest future.

Participants can opt to have the ‘zines they create during this workshop be permanently archived at HistoryMiami, where they will serve to inspire future experiments in South Florida queer world-making.

Meet at the EXILE Bookstore in HistoryMiami Museum

Special thanks to the Miami Downtown Development Authority for making this event possible.