November 29th, 2022

Kevin Arrow Broadsheet Release, Presented by EXILE Books

“Four Lucky Amulets or Auspicious Symbols for Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Love”, 2022

Retelling a dream is easy in practice and, in truth, impossible. Kevin Arrow described these works as “impossible objects”—in their varied iterations, the images resemble a hovering, shapeshifting figure that visited his room at night, in a dream, when he was a child. When he was still little, he enjoyed the simplicity and pleasure of cutting construction paper and arranging it into new forms—selecting colors intuitively, letting the paper determine the outlines. It’s a meditative process he revisits here, as an adult, remembering.

Started in 2021, EXILE’s Broadside Newspaper Program aims to provide free zines distributed throughout Miami in retrofitted newspaper machines. Our goal is to promote local artists’ work and distribute these in an accessible way to our diverse community.

Tuesday, 29 November, 5:30-6:30 PM

Location: Untitled Art’s Podcast Lounge