Thursday, August 18 from 6-8 pm

Underwater preview of Sea Unseen by Cara Despain at The Standard

EXILE Books is excited to partner with Fringe Projects to present a special preview of Miami- based artist Cara Despain’s forthcoming public art exhibition, Sea Unseen. An abstracted audio narrative that borrows from the language of mid-century radio dramas and film soundtracks, Sea Unseen remixes collected sounds and music into a quasi-sci- fi score to carry an allegory about sea level rise. Acknowledging the conflict of downtown Miami’s heralded growth with its geography, Sea Unseen reminds participants of the vulnerability of a a city surrounded by ocean and waterways sitting nearly at sea level.

At The Standard preview, this soundtrack will be heard underwater in a luxury pool on the bay, echoing the idea of sea level rise inundation. Wear your suit!

Free and open to the public. RSVP here.