Saturday February 7, 2015  from 7-9:00 pm at BFI

Around the World in 60 minutes with DJ Le Spam & DJ Waterbed Kev

"Civilized man thinks out his difficulties, at least he thinks he does, primitive man dances out his difficulties." R. R. Marrett

Please join us this Saturday night from 7-9 pm for Around the World in 60 minutes with DJ Le Spam & DJ Waterbed Kev aka DJ Spike Driver aka DJ Rabbit Foot at Bas Fisher Invitational, located at 100 NE 11 street
Andrew Yeomanson and Kevin Arrow will cull from their own private sound archive to play rare vintage vinyl recordings, mainly selected from Smithsonian's Folkways Records collection. Folkways sought to record and document music and sounds from all over the globe. The albums are very diverse in content including traditional and contemporary music from around the world; spoken word, poetry, and multi-lingual instructional recordings; and field recordings of communities, individuals, and natural sounds. Andrew and Kevin will collage together a selection of their favorites, creating a unique Folkways Records collaborative travelogue. In addition to this sound activation, a selection of related Folkways ephemera will be on display at EXILE Books.
This night will conclude the exhibition Books Fuel Ideas and EXILE Books will deinstall to move on to it's next location. 

Books Fuel Ideas is made possible by: