November 25, 2014

EXILE Books in The Standard Culture

When we heard that The Standard Spa, Miami Beach would be hosting the National Book Award winners and nominees for the Miami Book Fair International, our first reaction was, “Well, of course we are!” Our next question was, “Wait, what’s a book fair?”

Turns out, MBFI has been around for over 30 years, and it’s the largest and most important event of its kind in the country, featuring talks, readings, and discussions with a stellar list of authors and book people. New York Magazine is calling it the Book World’s Basel. This year’s line up includes big names like Joyce Carol Oates, Cornel West, Questlove, John Waters, and John Cleese, to name just a few of the 450-something authors in town.

This means we’ll be sipping cocktails with literary lions! Rubbing elbows with the literati! Pal-ing around with poets! We’re thrilled to see what writers and bookish types get up to when they’re down in a tropical paradise.

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