June 15, 2015

Her Perfume Tears on opening ceremony blog

The term multi-hyphenate doesn’t even come close to describing Lizzi Bougatsos. When she isn’t exhibiting her work at various art galleries and museums, she’s heading art rock group Gang Gang Dance/I.U.D. and photographing iconic NYC moments and people (including some of our fave images in Chloë Sevigny’s new book). Which is why the timing seemed right for Lizzi to release her own book of personal moments, titled Her Perfume Tears. Her Perfume Tears is a glimpse into Lizzi’s private life, with images of vacations and tour notes as well as baby pictures from her time spent in Greece. While Gang Gang Dance is on hiatus for now, this book offers a Bougatsos fix that’ll more than pass the time. On the heels of her recent book talk at NeueHouse, we caught up with Lizzi to find out what went into creating a book of her own.

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