June 7 - August 21, 2022

BookBound: The Art of Books and Printmaking

This community-created zine by EXILE arts was created
and printed on the occasion of the exhibition: BookBound

BookBound: The Art of Books and Printmaking examines the book as a sculptural art object and the many forms of art expression found in printed matter. Recognizing the uniqueness of books through their drawings and design, this exhibition seeks to address the accessibility of publications, the “specialness” of a rare art book, the myriad ways that illustration interprets words, and the history of education through visual imagery. Looking first to illuminated manuscripts, art forms in books create ways of learning through visual symbolism and storytelling for instruction to the masses. Through time, books are tied closely with artists as covers and illustrations are created to further the information they hold. The development of printing presses offers the rare ability to mass-produce and widely disseminate art. Art becomes less about the value and more about content, becoming democratic in form and accessible to all.

Curated by Meaghan Kent
The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood
June 7 - August 21, 2022