September-December 2019

Class Work


Class Work:

A Contemporary Art curriculum assembled from annotated texts and images.

The snippets, notes, and photocopied ephemera of our educational experience is an enduring physical reminder of what we've learned during our years of study. This collection of paperwork possesses a sacred quality. It is the printed representation of our growth into a mature artist. "Class Work" is an attempt to build an aggregate source of art education through the shared notes of a broad group of contributors. 

Texts are offered as anchor points for making notations or comments directly on the printed page. Pencils, highlighters and post it notes are available for readers to highlight and identify sections of the material they wish to amend.  Readers are encouraged to introduce new “copied”  material to the collection, with the understanding that topics might be further edited with additional notations and critiques. The compiled material will be available for free via PDF at the conclusion of the project. 

This activation will be open though December and accompanied by film screenings, activities and lectures. 

All events are free and open to the public.