Thursday, August 31 2017, 6-8 pm

Pants of Miami with No Pop at the Standard Hotel

Stop by the No Pop News stand for the release of their latest zine, PANTS of MIAMI V.2, featuring the lower parts of the beautiful guests of the Standard. Volunteer to have the bottom half of your body photographed for the virtual version of PANTS of MIAMI. Make your legs famous....Get some.


No Pop is assembling yet another black and white zine, Get involved.

You: Visit the No Pop News Stand.
No Pop:Takes a photograph of your pants.
You: Write down your name in our registry.
No Pop : Includes your name in the index of "PANTS of MIAMI"
You : Get famous for being in a No Pop Zine
No Pop : Gets to say we knew you before you were famous.

See you then.

Free and open to the public- rsvp your place here. Valet parking available at the Standard Hotel or public parking is at 1884 Bay Road, a ten minute walk from venue.