APRIL 2, 2017



In the digital age, we want things in HD—information should be clearly communicated and easily accessible. But the best art comes from uncertainty and otherwise overlooked spaces, thoughts, and ideas. It is then up to viewers to draw their own conclusions. 

Here, we chat with five women who aren’t afraid of a challenge, and who give us a glimpse inside their spaces and creative processes. 

Amanda Keeley has always been a bit of a bookwork. The Miami-based artist and publisher has worked at niche bookstore and publishing company Printed Matter, and has collaborated with the artist (and prolific art bookmaker) Yoko Ono. “I’ve always had a passion for books by artists,” Keeley says. “I moved to Miami in 2014, and there’s a very vibrant art scene, but I realized there wasn’t an awareness about artist’s publications.” Now, through EXILE Books, a pop-up artist’s bookstore that relocates every two two to three months, she publishes her own books, while also working with local designers and artists to make publications, zines, posters, and exhibitions. “There are a lot of exiles settled in Miami, but I wanted to change that word so the it didn’t have a negative connotation, but really be tied to a nomadic presence,” she says of the project. “There’s also a component of liberation, where you’re no longer tied to a place, structure, or identity, because you’re creating your own.” 


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