November 17, 2017 at 7pm

Gustave Morin : A Canadian in Miami

Join us for a discussion with Gustave Morin on Friday, November 17th, at 7 pm in our storefront in Little Haiti.
A Canadian in Miami: an abbreviated history of my long and slow development as a concrete poet, featuring examples of poems visual, literal and figurative; read, projected and dissected. 
A concrete poet for the 21st century, Gustave Morin is the creative intelligence behind several books and projects: recently, Clean Sails (New Star Books, 2015) -- thus far the world's largest volume of typewriter poetry; and of A Penny Dreadful (2003) -- one of the very few collage novels ever to appear in Canada. His work has been included in several important survey anthologies, notably: The Last Vispo (Fantagraphic Books, 2012), Typewriter Art (Lawrence King, 2014), The New Concrete (Hayward Publishing, 2015) & The Art of Typewriting (eds. Ruth & Marvin Sackner, Thames & Hudson, 2015). He lives in Canada with his girlfriend Jenny & their brand new baby daughter, Nova.