July, 2020

Pool Party!

EXILE Books has opened a public Zine Pool here in Miami !

The Zine Pool is the latest evolution of EXILE Book's ongoing commitment to building a pervasive print culture in South Florida and beyond. The Pool serves as an open ended submissions database for juried selections for special projects, as well as a virtual zine library.

Heres how it works:

*It doesn't cost any money to submit your work and you can submit as many different works as you like. SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

*Every zine will be on public view in the zine pool. Jurors for special projects will make their pics exclusively from the pool. 

What type of work should I send in? 

Juries will be looking for material that focuses on these areas:

Activism - release date: Fall 2020
Were looking for printed works that champion a wide variety of causes. The jury will pick for works that highlight the democratic nature of zine making and grass roots activism that represent the political, environmental, economic and cultural issues concerning Miami's tropical geography and international blend of cultures.

Erotic - release date: Spring 2021
Turn us on to printed works that cover the wide range of topics concerning all spectrums of sexuality. The jury will look for works that speak to sex positivity, sensuality, sexual awareness, LGBTQ themes, and provocative artistic expression.

Edible - release date: Summer 2021
We’ve got a taste for printed works concerning topics related to food, cooking, eating and any related topics. The jury will look for works that explore the food industry, farming, culinary traditions and expressions of taste and aroma.

KIDS - release date: Fall 2021
Lets play with printed matter that aids discovery, tickles the imagination and builds healthy self esteem. The jury will look for works that emphasizes learning, discovery and offers activity based exercises for the kiddos.

* BUT WAIT!...what if my zine didn't get picked for a project :-(

The remaining zines in the pool will be included in all subsequent jury selections.

Stay tuned for even more opportunities to be announced in the future!


Dip your toe in and check out the water here.
Make a splash and add to the pool here.