February 2021


EXILE Books is offering a curated selection of zines as a print on demand style service during the active dates of the Printed Matter Art Book Fair. All zines are sourced from our all natural, salt water, FDA approved, Vegan friendly, Antibacterial, Holistically Minded, 100 percent Organic ZINE POOL  -  the latest evolution of EXILE Book's ongoing commitment to building a pervasive print culture in South Florida and beyond. The Pool serves as an open ended submissions database as well as a virtual zine library which is open to all to contribute, and referred to often when awarding honorariums and stipends for zine related projects and programming.   

Each day of the fair, a new set of zines from the pool will be available for purchase, All the works in our virtual table cost a flat rate of $15 - with half going directly to the artist and the remaining half devoted to printing and shipping.

free and open to the public

Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair:
February 25–28, 2021, Opening, Wednesday, February 24.