Sunday, May 2, 2021

Take it and Leave it

Join us Sunday May 2nd for "Take it and Leave it" - the debut of an an ongoing activation for our current exhibit, "More Obscured Publications"

All books at EXILE's "More Obscured Publications" are free to take. We encourage you to intuitively search the library and photocopy the images which drew you select the book you leave with. Each photocopy will be archived and hidden in the remaining books.  A collected editions of the entire archive will be released as collaborative artist zine, and hidden in the original “Obscured Publications “ installation, on view at The Bakehouse Art Complex.  

Free and Open to the Public 


Sunday, May 2nd,

12-3 pm 

Exile Books

5900 Nw 2nd ave, Miami Fl


About Obscured Publications
Obscured Publications is a project that functions as an engaging way to promote social distancing inside the Bakehouse Art Complex’s historic Art-Deco era building. The project involves a series of arrow-shaped book stations that guide visitors in the direction of a one-way indoor circulation path through artists studios and other installations. Each station houses recently gifted books from the Boca Raton Museum of Art that now comprise a new, permanent Bakehouse art library. Each book is obscured by jackets created by Bakehouse artists Najja Moon and Philip Lique, so that visitors will be unable to judge the books by their covers and be prompted to further explore, potentially exposing themselves to new and unknown subjects, ideas, and histories.

About Bakehouse Art Complex
Bakehouse envisions a world that supports and values artists and recognizes their ability to shape, reflect, and transform our world. Its mission is to address the need for affordable living and work spaces for artists in Miami’s urban core. The Bakehouse Art Complex is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit institution.

About Bookleggers Library

All of the books in "More Obscured Publications" were generously donated by Bookleggers, a nonprofit, community mobile library dedicated to permeating Miami with books.