December, 6-10, 2017

untitled art fair

EXILE Books is pleased to partner with the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry to present the work of enigmatic contemporary French artist Joël Hubaut. Since the 1970’s, Hubaut has produced performances, installations, drawings, paintings and various objects. He is known for his poetic use of language, which harnesses parody and derision to take on a truly tragic dimension as an examination of the art system and society. His practice of the absurd is grounded in counterculture rhetoric and extends beyond an unexpected manifestation, which makes him difficult to classify and often misunderstood. The EXILE with the Sackner Archive booth will represent Hubaut’s work utilizing his punk ethos, mounting framed drawings in the formation of crosses, vivid pink “epidemik motif” symbolic wallpaper, and a rotating display of art and ephemera by Hubaut. The booth will also contain a vitrine case featuring artist’s books and objects. Hubaut is an individual of artistic contradictions, and his provocateur style will resonate with flair in this UNTITLED presentation.