BORA BORA BORA by Daniel Feinberg

"poetry is powerless / like a spa / love is unreal / it is outer space / like the sun or the moon / on my obsidian breasts / yes my magnificent breasts / and the heart in dull disdain / floods this tourist trap / earth with our tears / i know i know pix / or it didn’t exist"

BORA BORA BORA is the first poetry collection by Daniel Feinberg. A book of experimental and mimetic fantasies, as well as the author’s everyday, almost confessional, Miami: the beach, the sun, the moon, nightclubs and nothingness, eros and emptiness. Through poetry, prose poetry, and science fiction, BORA BORA BORA approaches a multitude of subjects and subjectivities while always returning to and repeating the landscape’s elemental forces. Wavering between contemporary Miami hip hop and radical French philosophy, transgender activism and environmentalist nihilism, from rented Lamborghinis to Rimbaud’s drunken boat, from new desert Jewish mysticism to ennui African cyber noir, these are the dreams and nightmares of Floridian late capital. Feinberg crafts a language to observe an ecology where the coexistence of endless desire and inevitable disappearance reaches a metaphysical apotheosis in the romantic lyric.

EXILE Editions, 2015
Edition of 500
80 Pages, perfect bound
Design: Flying Pyramids
Photos: Gesi Schilling
8 x 5.5 Inches

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