Disarray by Edau

From Edau:
"The series of illustrations featured in this book are based on an old sketch that I had created months back before the project was conceived. I happened to revisit the sketch during the time I was trying to decide on which direction would benefit my collaboration with IS Projects (via letterpress printing) the best. Once I made my decision, I started to make different illustrations for the series. I took a few elements of the original sketch (which the cover illustration is actually based off of) and expanded on them. In turn, I decided to push myself with each illustration to create something that was visually complex and interesting, yet hard to decipher. As a result, the title of the project, “disarray” was conceived. Some illustrations were pushed more than others to show different ways the concept of disarray could be achieved within the realm of this project."

It is a limited edition of 100 copies all hand numbered by the artist.

Existent Books, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 2015

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