Friday, April 29  2016 from 12-3 pm

8 Ball Zine Workshop with Nikki Greene & Jo Rosenthal

Welcome 8 Ball Zine artists to our city! Come out and make a zine on site at HistoryMiami Museum. Join us as we gather in the Folk Life gallery, look through source materials that Nikki and Jo culled from the archive, and make a fresh zine just in time for the Miami Zine Fair. 

8-Ball Community is an independent organization that produces, presents and preserves self-publications, broadcasts and performances. 8-Ball nurtures and inspires young creators through public events, workshops, a radio station and a public library, acting as a free and public-access platform, on and off line.

8-Ball Zine Fair started in 2012 at Grand Billiards in Brooklyn, NY. Now at its 9th New York edition, always happens in a pool hall, and has been reproduced in other cities around the world, including Tokyo and San Francisco. The Drop Off table, centered in the fair, is the core of the community, un-selected and free, allows everyone to participate and show their work.

Special thanks to the Miami Downtown Development Authority for making this event possible.