Thursday, July 7, 6-8 pm

Made-Up Memories zine workshop by Elia Khalaf at The Standard

Cognitive science and psychology tell us recall bias either enhances or impairs memory. The content is altered and filtered. This creates a clash between internal and external reality. Objectivity becomes a myth. Made-Up Memories is a zine workshop that aims to reflect personal history by tapping into parallel dimensions where participants’ “real” events, characters, and places transform into allegories, creatures, and playgrounds. Conjure the past. Fill in the blanks. Summon them ghosts. Go through the looking glass. Step into the wardrobe. Put a ring on it. Do what you gotta do to create your fictional autobiography.

We’ll use introspection, creative prompts, free-writing, and visual aids to create new ways of telling old stories.

And truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest because it's pure invention.

The Standard Spa Miami Beach is located at 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139