March 24, 2015

Exile Books in the New Times

People buy Playboy magazine for their awesome, award-winning interviews and thought pieces. This is a fact. That there happens to be some T&A thrown in to break the monotony of text; that’s just a minor plus. No, but seriously, Playboy might not be what it used to be, but in the end, Hef and company have always tried to deliver a quality product.

At what point does this quality product become anathema or not is not today’s topic, Playboy was never about following trends or competing with the further ruinous decay of sexual mores in America – if that had been the case, pornography would never have a problem.

The human body is a beautiful thing and if it happens to be in a spread that breaks the tedium of oft-lauded and award-winning journalism, who gives a fuck? Well, plenty of people give a fuck and that’s why it falls upon the shoulders of artists to mirror the situation and enact change.

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