January 5, 2021


We want to revisit and recap on our Zine Machine initiative. Our first special edition artist broadsheet "In the Company of Corals" created by Beatriz Chachamovits Beatriz is an informative look into the importance of corals and a quick guide on how we can help keep them and our oceans healthy. Beatriz is a Miami based artist and marine activist who’s work is centered around the celebration of corals but also the hard truths of climate change.

“For me the project was fantastic! It reached audiences That I could never have reached by myself because of the locations and how many copies AND because it was FREE. The impact was great and the information I tried to convey was understood...people even contacted me." Writes Beatriz.

All these beautiful prints are available for FREE along with other goodies at our select zine machine locations around Miami. 

A very warm thank you to The Knight Foundation for making this initiative possible.