January 5, 2022

Nick Mahshie Barato Broadsheet

We want to revisit and recap on our Zine Machine initiative. Our special edition artist broadsheet created by Nick Mahshie is a colorful collage of patterns and painting in the form of a Barato coupon mailer. Nick (also Tranquiprints) is a Miami based artist who’s work is centered around printing techniques and celebrating natural patterns and floral elements bringing a vibrant energy. 

Nick writes. “What I liked the most about the project was how surprising it was to have it all be so accessible to the public...I like how liberally distributed it was...It changed the dynamic of what art week was all about."

All these beautiful prints are available for FREE along with other goodies at our select zine machine locations around Miami. 

A very warm thank you to The Knight Foundation for making this initiative possible.