April 2020


Classwork 2.0 is a publicly available set of editable documents, stemming from a project of the same name hosted by EXILE Books in the summer of 2019, designed to build an aggregate source of art education through the shared notes of a broad group of contributors. Artists and Educators are encouraged to both share and borrow lessons, ideas and syllabi in this document so as to build a data base of online art curriculums.

Recently, to contain the COVID 19 Novel Coronavirus, many schools have suspended classroom activities and require instructors to teach remotely. This disengagement from class time is difficult to cope with for both students and teachers, and especially challenging for courses in the Arts, where one on one instruction and use of tools in a communal studio environment are often necessary.

In this time when artists are being forced to teach remotely, we are presented with an opportunity to share ideas, course outlines, tips, tricks and cheats that can help us all become fluent and effective in designing online arts courses. Remote instruction is new territory for many of us - and with each others support, professors of the arts ( both adjunct and full time) have an opportunity to change the way art is taught. This moment is a prime example of necessity being the mother of invention.

Classwork V2.0 is free and open to the public:

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