March - June, 2020

Post Zine

Here in the studio, we're practicing A LOT of social distancing and hand washing...but we're getting a little it's time to get resourceful and find ways to reach out and support the zine community remotely!
POST ZINE is series of live interviews and multi-image showcases aimed at sharing and discussing the process of making books and zines. Each session is different - driven by the content of the contributor or the questions posed by viewers.
Tune in to our Instagram, send us questions, and hear what these publishers have to say! Free and open to the (online) public.
POST ZINE post schedule : (check-in frequently - New sessions are being added all the time...)
Monday, March 23 - 3 pm :
Neil Brideau - illustrator and Principal of Radiator Comics
Tuesday, March 31th - 3 pm :
Zoe Welch - Museum educator at the Wolfsonian FIU