December 2016-July 2017

Miami of Tomorrow at the DuPont Building

Miami of Tomorrow is a new public art project installed in the lobby of downtown Miami's historic DuPont Building and is the result of a unique collaboration between EXILE Books and Lemon Yellow, in partnership with Tiliarts. Backlit posters activate the lobby's jewelry display cases, formerly used for advertising, to create a series of high impact text pieces. The work gradually transitions from one color gradation to the next in response to the architectural surroundings, providing a stimulating sensory experience.

The displayed texts were inspired by an EXILE Books-sponsored zine workshop in the building’s old Florida National Bank & Trust vault. Here, using vintage materials pulled from its own archives as well as the HistoryMiami Museum, artists examined ephemeral documents featuring the DuPont. These materials were then recontextualized into new zines utilizing text showcased in the exhibition. As visitors pass through the lobby and engage with the narrative, we hope you will construct your own story about our city, and that Miami of Tomorrow will provide an expansive palate for what we all envision for our future. 

Photos by Zachary Balber