December 9, 2017 2pm

Miami Pink épidémik by Joël Hubaut

On Saturday, December 9 at 2 pm, artist Joël Hubaut will activate the first ever Miami Pink épidémik, a flash mob photoshoot. Visitors are invited to wear their favorite shades of Miami pink and be stylized by Hubaut in this site specific performance photoshoot all happening at EXILE & The Sackner Archive’s Booth B10.

Joël Hubaut performs on UNTITLED


Join us to hear enigmatic contemporary French artist Joël Hubaut perform live on UNTITLED radio. Hubaut is known for his poetic use of language, which harnesses parody and derision to take on a truly tragic dimension as an examination of the art system and society.


About Joël Hubaut

Born in Amiens (France) 1947

Lives and works between Paris and Normandie France.


For over 40 years Joël Hubaut has been constructing work that is a hybrid of the functional and transversal that could be considered as trans-media. First know for his « rock-n-roll » performance/ installation, he has used all possible medium ; although the written word has been pervasive throughout his work. Being critical of the moral order founded on the lowest common level, Joël Hubaut considers contamination and epidemic a central focus of his reflections on art and society. With great liberty, and a sense of the tragic and of derision, he established improbable ties between objects, body, image and text; moving beyond the field of visual arts, he makes reference to poetry and music. His engagement and his generosity drove him to create spaces of alternative exchanges.