January 6, 2022


Partnering with Printed Matter, we've commissioned four new online projects with  publishers from a wide scope of the print world. These complex projects explore different possibilities of digitally native publishing through interactive websites, e-publications, games, and online archives.

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afila.si — Black Experience Isn’t a Spectacle. Presented by Anteism Books

afila.si [æfilæsi] is a collective digital library anchored in Afro-centered perspectives of history, with aims to fortify the accessibility of these cultural productions through extracted texts and fact-based notes about the othered. In 2020, afila.si organized an exhibition titled Black Experience isn’t a Spectacle, which explored the legacy of the voyeuristic gaze in visual representations of the Black body. For this special online project, afila.si revisits the context of the exhibition in creating a new online publication platform with interactive annotation features that can facilitate community discourse.


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