January 6, 2022


Partnering with Printed Matter, we've commissioned four new online projects with  publishers from a wide scope of the print world. These complex projects explore different possibilities of digitally native publishing through interactive websites, e-publications, games, and online archives.

Towards the Emergence of Equitable Zine Fairs. Presented by Hyperlink Press.

Towards the Emergence of Equitable Zine Fairs is a new, interactive webzine showcasing the work of 15 emerging zinemakers and meditating on questions of representation and access. Zine fairs and art book fairs often produce a scarcity model; paper, printing, funds, and relevant skills can be a hindrance to young artists, especially those working outside of the west. This project draws inspiration from the recent in-person Emergence Zine Fair in NYC, organized by Hyperlink Press and Yellow Pearls Zine, and offers an opportunity for DIY, emerging zinesters to present their work in a new online format. In place of the sometimes exorbitant pay-to-participate fair model, Hyperlink Press redistributes its commission fee to imagine and enact a system in which artists and zinemakers are paid-to-participate. In doing so, they ask: how much would change if artists and bookmakers were instead paid for their time, labor, and participation? Through the webzine, Hyperlink Press hopes to address the constraints and challenges of making zines, as well as celebrate the generosity and love fundamental to the zine community.

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