January 2,  2018

The Maggic Banquet in Miami New Times

Personal histories are typical fare for fine art, but the work of Antoni Miralda addresses other hidden histories. The Spanish artist splits his time between Barcelona and Miami, the latter of which will host his latest effort, The Maggic Banquet, part of the Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Design series Living Together. Miralda has been making work since the late '60s, although his first show in Miami wasn't until 1982.

"When I first came here, I sort of felt that this was a great platform because it has that mixture, that melting-pot idea, but also because it’s so physically and mentally close to the Caribbean and Latin America," Miralda reflects. "Because of that, I developed many other projects around the idea of a city’s taste and tongues."

 The Maggic Banquet makes these connections via the Maggi bouillon cube, created in the early 20th Century by Swiss businessman Julius Maggi. Miralda plans to present a buffet table of Latin and Haitian dishes using the seasoning. Attendees will be able to taste each item while learning about the MSG-laden foodstuff that often replaces more nutritious bases. A zine will be published by Exile Books after the show, taking place February 10 on the terrace at Exile Books (5900 NW Second Ave., Miami; 917-903-0907; exilebooks.com).

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