February 1, 2018  7 pm

Type In with Martha Raoli and EXILE Books at PAMM

EXILE Books presents a special new project at PAMM, in conjunction with “From The Truer World of the Other” a typewriter art exhibit featuring work acquired from the Sackner Archive of Concrete & Visual Poetry. EXILE is installing three vintage typewriters in the museum and inviting local artists, writers, poets, and the general public to create a site specific piece that is inspired by the exhibition. A selection of the creations will be included in a new publication by EXILE Books, in collaboration with the Perez Museum. Stop by PAMM to make your contribution to the Type In!

Join us Feb 1st.


Martha Raoli
Martha Raoli works in the fields of language, sound and movement through the manipulation of analog technologies such as the typewriter and the Theremin, an arcane electronic instrument from the 1930's. She is also a writer of fiction and art criticism, and holds an MFA from Brown University. She lives in Miami.


Other dates for participation are  March 1st with Mitch Kaplan, and April 5 with Jeff Sanford.