Sunday, September 11 from 12-3 pm

Zines in the Vault at the DuPont

EXILE is partnering up with HistoryMiami to offer a unique zine making experience in downtown Miami’s historic DuPont Building. Zines are small circulation “DIY” publications that are accessible, affordable, and readily made which encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to be empowered through their own voice of communication. This workshop will take place in the vault on the 2nd floor of the DuPont Building, once the site of Florida National Bank and on the US Register of National Places. The workshop teaches people how to make their own zines and provides source materials about the DuPont building’s history and the downtown area that are culled from HistoryMiami Archives. A short presentation about the building by notable local historian Dr. Paul George will serve as an introduction, then zine examples will be presented with a demonstration of production and binding. All participants create an original zine inspired by the historic source materials about the downtown Miami area, and it is requested that a copy of their zine be donated to the HistoryMiami archive. The zine is then documented and preserved within the archive, as a new voice that will become part of our dynamic city’s history and serve as a documentation milestone for the Art Days.

Special thanks to the Art Days in Downtown Miami for making this event possible!